Telco TV ranks higher with customers than cable TV

Consumers continue to rank television services provided by telephone companies higher than those from cable TV providers, according to J.D. Power & Associates’ 2011 customer-satisfaction survey for residential television services.

CC Communications, the incumbent local exchange carrier (telephone company) serving Churchill County, NV, offers Digital Television Services to its customers. Only 18% of homes in the United States have fiber to the home access. CC Communications provides fiber to the home availability to 55% of Churchill County now and will make it available to 98% by 2014 at a total expenditure of $40-plus million.

Verizon FiOS service, where available, delivers services over fiber to the home. AT&T U-verse, where available, delivers services over fiber to the home or fiber to the node (an infrastructure where the service is delivered to a community by fiber optic cable, then to individual homes in that neighborhood by copper wires), depending on how AT&T’s network is installed in areas where it offers U-verse.