Caller ID Over TV Keeps You In Control

Hello, this is Taryn. I’m a Customer Service Representative with CC Communications.

So, I’m watching the UNR UNLV game on Saturday. There’s two minutes to play. The Rebels have the lead, the Wolfpack has the ball, and I’m sitting on the edge of my recliner about to jump out of my skin! And the phone rings!


Should I answer the phone or keep watching the game?


 Caller ID over TV from CC Communications displays the caller’s name and number right on the TV screen so I know who is calling without even taking my eyes off the game. Now I can decide whether to answer or let the call go to voice mail while I watch the ‘Pack try to pull out a last-minute win.

Call 423-7171 or stop by the CC Communications Customer Service Center at 1750 W. Williams to activate Caller ID over your TV.


And ask about DVR service while you’re at it. Then you can pause that two-minute drive while you are talking on the phone, and you won’t miss a play!


CC Communications, delivering communications services at the speed of life!

Technical Note

Caller ID information remains on screen for five (5) seconds by default. To increase the display time, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Menu button on your set top box universal remote.

  2. Choose the Settings category.

  3. Enter your Password.

  4. On the right hand side of the screen under Caller ID Timeout, press the Right Arrow button on your remote to increase the display time in 5-second increments.

  5. Select Submit.

  6. Select OK.