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A DVR Is Television On Your Schedule

Our Digital Video Recorder offers you a whole new way to watch TV by giving you the convenience and control to watch your favorite shows according to your schedule. Pause Live TV, record one program and watch another, record and watch at your leisure, instant replay, record in HD, and series recording are just some of the great benefits of having our Digital Video Recorder.

 It doesn’t matter if you watch a little TV or if you watch a lot. If you download videos online or if you are surfing the net. That’s because CC Communications Digital TV is a home entertainment package that gives you both High Definition television and High-Speed Internet, and includes Digital Music. And now we offer Whole-Home Digital Video Recorder (DVR) capability. So no matter what you’re in the mood for, get the entertainment you demand when you want it!

  • Watch over 200 Digital TV channels – including all the Reno channels.
  • See all your favorites on Pay-per-View, Video-on-Demand, HBO, Showtime and more.
  • Listen to endless tunes with 50 Digital Music channels.
  • Faster downloads and easier surfing with High-Speed Internet at up to 100Mb download speed.
  • Stay protected with ePrism spam and virus filtering and technical support.
  • Easy-to-use with on-screen TV guide and quick-set parental controls.
  • CC Comm helps you save with discounts. The more services you use, the more you save.
  • No contracts required.
  • No automatic rate increases after a few months.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Watch TV Your Way with a Digital Video Recorder!

With a DVR from CC Communications, you get the power to:

  • Rewind live TV and recorded shows
  • Pause live TV and recorded shows
  • Record two shows at once
  • Record one live show while watching another
  • Record only new episodes of your favorite shows
  • Fast forward through recorded shows

A CC Comm DVR does away with the need to use clumsy schedules, too. Find the show you wish to record in the interactive channel list, push the record button on your remote, choose whether to record one instance or the entire series, and you are done!

With a regular DVR, you can watch what you want whenever you want. You can record, pause, and rewind live TV so you’ll never miss your favorite shows again!

With a Whole Home DVR, you can do even more! Record a program from any set-top box at home and then play it back from any TV! Plus, you can schedule, update and delete your recordings from any television.

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