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Digital Television Rates

Programming and EquipmentRate
IP Access Fee*(subject to change by federal tariff)
*Free for CC Communications Internet subscribers
Essentials TV$22.99
Premier TV (includes Essentials TV)$59.99
Variety Pack (Includes Essentials TV and Premier TV)$79.99
HBO – 8 channels$17.99
Showtime – 17 Channels$19.99
Starz/Encore – 13 channels$9.95
Cinemax – 4 channels$7.95
The Filipino Channel$10.95
Digital Receiver with universal remote control (per TV)$6.95
Digital Video Recorder with universal remote control$12.95
Add Whole Home DVR$8.95
CC Communications Digital TV Service requires one receiver or DVR per television. Whole Home DVR allows the subscriber to access recorded programming from all receivers in the home. CC Communications retains ownership of the installed hardware.

Installation Rates

Standard Installation$99.99
Additional receiver or DVR (same trip)$49.99
Additional receiver or DVR (separate trip)$129.95
Worry-free Wire Maintenance$2.50