CC Communications may have disability-related services and/or products, or information, to assist customers in accessing communications services where certain disabilities inhibit such access. Call 775-423-7171 or visit our customer service office at 899 S. Maine Street, Fallon, NV 89406.


This is an abbreviation for “Captioned Telephone”. CapTel is a device that can be used by persons who are hard of hearing, but are able to communicate by using their voice. Words spoken by the called party are captioned onto a screen on the device, allowing the caller better access to the conversation.


This is an abbreviation for “Teletypewriter” which is a device that can be used by people with speech or hearing disabilities to communicate over the phone system. Some also refer to the device as a TDD – Telecommunications Device for the Deaf.


This is a free service that enables standard phone users to communicate with individuals with hearing loss who use TTYs, have speech disabilities, or who communicate in American Sign Language. Specially trained Relay operators complete all calls and stay online to relay conversations between users. There are a variety of Relay services. Most Relay services are available 24 hours a day, every day, and all calls through Relay are held in strict confidence. There is no charge for Relay services; however, normal long distances charges do apply.

Emergency Calls

All emergency calls should be made directly to 911. Using Relay for emergency calls is not encouraged. If you use a TTY and cannot obtain emergency services by calling 911, you may call relay and tell the operator you have an emergency.

Directory Assistance And Operator Services

If a disability makes it difficult for you to look up numbers in the phone book or to dial a phone, you may qualify for an exemption from directory assistance or operator service charges. To inquire, please call our business office at 775-423-7171.

Directory Listings for TTY Users

Customers who use a TTY may include this information as part of their directory listing, at no additional charge: Example:

Smith, John
TTY only 555-8888

Smith, John
TTY & Voice 555-8888

Free Equipment Program

In Nevada, CapTel, TTY, Telebraille and telephone signalers are available at no charge to qualified deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, and speech-impaired individuals. This service is made possible through a monthly surcharge on all telephone lines in Nevada. To access this program, please contact:

DHHARC Reno/Sparks Office
1150 Corporate Blvd.
(775) 355-8994 voice / tty
(775) 355-8996 fax
775-434-0290 videophone

Relay Services – Things you should know about Relay Nevada

  • Long Distance calls made through Relay Nevada are billed by Sprint at their standard rate unless you ask the Relay operator to use your specific long-distance carrier.
  • All calls through Relay Nevada must either be made from or to, a phone line in Nevada.
  • All states have their own Relay systems; so by dialing 7-1-1 callers will access the appropriate Relay.
  • Relay Nevada calls can be made from Nevada, to virtually anywhere in the world (using English or Spanish only).
  • Directory assistance help is available through any Relay Nevada Service.
  • The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) tracks all complaints about services through the relay. Please contact customer service at 423-0020 for any concerns or complaints about the relay services you have received.

The following is a description of the various Relay services and how to access them. Please note that 7-1-1 will work for any CapTel call.

  • TTY to Voice: 1-800-326-6868
  • Voice to CapTel: 1-877-243-2823
  • Voice to Relay user: 1-800-326-6888
  • Voice Carry-Over: 1-800-326-4013
  • Speech-to-Speech: 1-888-326-5658
  • Hearing Carry-Over: 1-800-326-6868
  • ASCII: 1-888-696-0629
  • Deaf-Blind: 1-800-326-6868
  • Spanish/Espanol Relay: 1-800-877-1219

Other relay-related information

  • Relay Nevada Customer Service: 1-800-676-3777 (TTY / Voice / ASCII)
  • Relay Nevada Spanish Customer Service: 1-800-676-4290 (TTY / Voice / ASCII)
  • Relay Nevada Speech-to-Speech Customer Service: 1-877-787-1989
  • CapTel Customer Service: 1-888-269-7477 (Voice/Captel/TTY)
  • CapTel Spanish Customer Service: 1-866-670-9134 (Voice/CapTel/TTY)
  • Sprint TTY Operator Service: 1-800-855-4000
  • Internet Replay – For those who wish to access Relay from the Internet. There are no long-distance charges for Internet Replay. Go to
  • 900 Calls – Calls made to 900 numbers. Dial 1-900-230-2300
  • International Calls – Calls made from another country to the United States, can be relayed through Sprint’s international relay system. Dial 1-605-224-1837.

Customer Database Profile

For Relay users who wish to have their calling preferences, like their long-distance carrier of choice, stored in the Relay Nevada computer. This makes calling Relay more efficient. To set up a database profile, dial: 1-800-676-3777.

Additional information is available at

All Relay services are made possible through a monthly surcharge on Nevada phone lines.

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