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Extensions in First Name Alphabetical Order

Those employees not listed share an extension through their supervisor.

NameExtension #
Aaron Clark1272
Audrey McKnight8713
AJ Smith775-423-7171 Option 5
Anthony Bell7295
Bill Swett1242
Brent Burton1202
Brett Frank1206
Britney Davis1270
Chandler McAlexander7224
Charlie Knittle1278
Cori McIntosh1255
Dawn Ballard1269
Dave Tilley1441
Ed Byrd1247
Elizabeth Orozco1299
Gene Ponce1424
James Nugent1236
Jamie Hyde1271
Jason Walker1246
Jay Lingenfelter1248
Jeanne Moser7409
Jeremy Murray1268
Jesse Lattin1208
Jim Granger7294
Jim Holt775-666-1289
Jim Stilwell1263
Jon Rau1300
Kami Johnson1296
Krista Smith7241
Kristi Anaya7232
Larry Burchard1273
Larry Tucker1461
Marilyn Bell7233
Mark Feest1401
Mark McKay1499
Matt Hyde1267
Melessa Camilon1297
Michelle Gabiola-Rogers1219
Mike Weishaupt7281
Nate Yount1496
Nels Stokes7291
Robert McConnell1452
Robert Petersen1301
Rudy McElvain1293
Ruth Miller7494
Sandy Mangus1417
Shania Brown1302
Shawn Smith1408
Shelly Bunyard1215
Shonda Standen1450
Stewart Nichols1416
T.J. Rowland7292
Wayne Pustovrh1279

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