How do I Establish Credit with CC Communications?

When you apply for new services with CC Communications, you will be asked to established credit in one or more of the following ways:

  1. You agree to let CC Communications run a credit check; must have actual signature to do so. Credit score will determine if a deposit is required or not.
  2. You pay a Deposit; amount to be determined on services requested or credit score.
  3. You have an established credit history with another telephone utility and can provide us with a credit/reference letter from that company.
  4. You provide a co-signer or guarantor who has been a customer of CC Communications and demonstrated satisfactory credit.
  5. You demonstrate your credit worthiness in any other manner satisfactory to CC Communications. Please note: Divorced persons share in previous credit history. Service will be established from that perspective.

Fraudulent Information
Falsified credit information will require a deposit or termination of service.