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CC Communications is Moving – Winter 2021

CC Communications is in the progress of constructing new facilities at 899 S. Maine Street. Once complete, employees located at 1750 W. Williams, the Customer Service Center, will move to 899 S. Maine Street. At that time, all business previously conducted at 1750 W. Williams will move to 899 S. Maine Street. Until then, it will be business as usual at 1750 W. Williams Ave.

Why Are We Moving?

We designed the layout of our new facilities to reflect workflows while centrally locating all employees. Whether initiating service or resolving a current customer’s issue, multiple workgroups touch a “ticket”. The new layout, and centralization of workgroups, will enhance warm hand-offs and interdepartmental communications to increase resolution efficiencies. Additionally, despite COVID-19’s hastening transitions to remote workforces, we still believe that in-person communications provide greater clarity, prevent misunderstandings, and increases the likelihood that nothing is missed when your “ticket” moves from one workgroup to another. Moreover, physically working together increases understanding and appreciation for our co-worker’s challenges and the work they do, which creates the opportunity to learn from one another. Constructing centralized purpose-built facilities is an opportunity for CC Communications to go from good to great at delivering a customer experience that exceeds your expectations.