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Message from the General Manager Regarding Email Outage

Dear CC Communications Customers

As previously communicated, CC Communications suffered a catastrophic email server failure. The new email server has been built, and the vast majority of users have been able to access email since Friday April 16th. We understand the inconvenience this has caused some customers, and we have been working diligently to migrate email boxes to the new server. This has taken longer than expected as we have made every effort to ensure saved emails and attachments were not lost. For the most part this will be the case. I made the decision to methodically restore the server and transfer files in a manner that minimized the occurrence of folders, saved emails, and attachments being lost. This choice resulted in a slower than desired restoration, however, once we migrated customers to the new server, most customers could see their folders and historical emails and attachments. In cases where customers could not see folders and historical emails and attachments, we have been successful in finding them in one-off situations. We continue to handle this issue as customers call in.

Despite restoring email for the vast majority of customers, some customers are having difficulties accessing their emails due to email client issues. The following describes how you should be able to access email at this time:

Email can be accessed in two ways:

#1 Go to webmail at

  • The vast majority of CC Communications customers who know their username and password have been able to send and receive email via this method since last week.
  • Scroll to the bottom left hand side and click on “check my email”
  • Ensure you are using the correct username and password.
    • If you attempted to change your username or password while the email server was down, it likely did not change in the system. Thus, you must use the password you had prior to the email server going down.

#2 Using a mail client. This is an icon on your computer or smartphone that opens a third party application, such as Microsoft outlook, Apple mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Foxmail, Gmail, and others.

  • Accessing CC Communications email via this method will work for the vast majority of email boxes IF it is set up correctly.
  • When the server went down, it affected the set up. To access email using a client, you may need to delete the account from the email client and then add the account back.
    • If you made setting changes in your client while the email was down, you will need to change the settings back to the original settings. 
  • Setting up email using a client see

CC Communications was in the planning process to migrate email boxes to a more secure, reliable, and redundant service prior to the email server failure. That planning process had set timelines for notifying customers, addressing the email client settings change, and risk mitigation during the actual migration. That plan has been delayed until all customer issues can be resolved on the current platform. Of note is that we recognized that the migration to a more secure, reliable, and redundant service would impact those customers that access CC Communications email through a client. While the service would have been available immediately on webmail, settings changes would be needed for those accessing via a client. When we migrate to the new more secure, reliable, and redundant service, we will have “office hours” where you can come in and we will walk you through setting up the client. The current situation we find ourselves in has provided clear direction on how many customers will need to be walked through the client set up.

Our employees are doing all they can to resolve the email client and webmail issues for the minority of customers that are still unable to access their email. About 60% of the issues are username/password issues, customer settings change issues, or email client issues. The remaining access issues are each unique and take time to figure out.

I understand that this has been frustrating for those of you impacted, and that no one wants to be out of contact with others, or unable to access historical emails or attachments. We are eager to help you and resolve this situation, however, I ask that you treat our employees with respect, do not yell at them, and certainly do not curse at them. I cannot personally resolve your email issue, but 423-7171 ext. 1401 rings to my desk if you would like to speak with me.

Best Practices for email

  • This is not permanent storage or cloud storage. Back up important emails or attachments to the cloud or an external drive.
    • We can set up free cloud storage from CC Communications once the email issues are resolved.
  • Even though your username and password may be saved in clients or by your web browser, ensure that you have them somewhere else. Account, username, and password.
    • We can set up free password Genie from CC Communications once the email issues are resolved.

Best Regards,

Mark Feest, GM
CC Communications