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FCC Battery Back-Up Disclosure

Maintaining Telephone Capability During Electrical Outages

CC Communications Fiber telephone service requires electrical power from your home to operate. IN THE EVENT OF A POWER FAILURE YOUR TELEPHONE SERVICE WILL NOT WORK, INCLUDING 911 AND ANY HOME SECURITY OR MEDICAL MONITORING THAT RELIES ON YOUR TELEPHONE SERVICE UNLESS YOU HAVE A BATTERY BACKUP. In the past, CC Communications often included a backup battery complimentary to customers with telephone. However, CC Communications did not represent that such complimentary batteries were, or in the future would be, included with the service. If your CC Communications equipment has a backup battery and you subscribe to CC Communications’ Battery Backup monitoring service, CC Communications will provide a replacement for you when necessary. If your CC Communications equipment has a backup battery, but you do not subscribe to Battery Backup monitoring service, it is your sole responsibility for monitoring and replacing the backup battery when necessary. If your CC Communications equipment currently does not have a backup battery or if your battery needs to be replaced, you are responsible for making your own decision about whether to supply backup power for your telephone services. EVEN WITH BATTERY BACKUP, A POWER OUTAGE WILL PREVENT YOUR INTERNET FROM WORKING.

Cordless telephones require power and will not function during a power outage even if you have a backup battery for your CC Communications equipment. CC Communications recommends that in addition to having a backup battery that you also maintain one corded phone connected directly to your in-home wiring for use in the event of a power failure. Additionally, you should always have an alternative means of dialing 911, such as a mobile telephone.

If you have a monitored home alarm or monitored medical device (caretaker sentry) that uses CC Communications telephone or internet service as the communications pathway, your monitored alarm will work as follows:

  • Pots – works with battery backup
  • VoIP – you would need LTE backup or will not work in power outage
  • Wi-Fi – you would need LTE backup or will not work in power outage

Note that you still must maintain your Caretaker Sentry internal device battery, and Caretaker Sentry will always be connected to a traditional phone line (not VoIP).

It is recommended that you subscribe to an alternative communications pathway such as cellular backup for your monitored alarm.

CC Communications shall have no liability for the failure of your services, including 911 services, to function during a power outage, including failure due to the absence or insufficiency of battery backup power.

Performance and Monitoring of Your ONT Battery

The batteries provided by CC Communications are rated to last for at least 8 hours in idle mode, when the battery is new. Up to 3 batteries may be purchased to provide 24- hour back-up. Multiple 8-hour batteries must be rotated by the customer to attain longer periods of back-up. The 8-hour SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery can generally sit on a shelf at room temperature with no charging for up to a year when at full capacity, but is not recommended. SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries should be charged at least every 6 months to 9 months.

The battery is intended to enable users to make short, emergency or other urgent telephone calls. During an extended power outage, use your telephone service sparingly to preserve your battery life. The actual length of time that your telephone service will be available during a power outage depends on many variables, including, but not limited to: the amount of phone usage when the service is utilizing power from the backup battery; whether the backup battery is properly installed and charged, such as whether it has had an opportunity to fully recharge after a prior outage; the condition and age of the backup battery; and the amount of prior usage of the battery. Batteries lose capacity with age. The estimated life for a new battery is 3-5 years; however, actual results will vary depending on usage patterns, load, frequency of power outages, and environmental conditions, including temperature extremes and fluctuations. Failure to adhere to proper storage and usage conditions will reduce the talk time available to you in an outage and the lifespan of your battery.

To determine if the battery you have needs to be replaced, find the installation type and battery type installed with your equipment below and follow the instructions.

Outdoor ONT

Battery Status

Open the Premise box which is located on the side of the house

Inside Premise box

Status Light will be GREEN if battery is good

Status Light will be RED if battery needs to be replaced

Indoor ONT

Battery Status

Status Light will be GREEN if battery is good

Status Light will be RED if battery needs to be replaced

Available Backup Power Options

CC Communications offers new batteries for purchase by its telephone customers for $50.00 for an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) battery. There may be an additional fee for the installation of the battery. Batteries are rated to last for at least 8 hours in idle mode, when the battery is new. Up to 3 batteries may be purchased to provide 24-hour back-up. Please contact CC Communications at 775-423-7171 extension 1022 for more information or to order a battery.

Warranty Information

If within the first 12 months after you receive a battery purchased from CC Communications, you notify CC Communications that the battery is not working properly, CC Communications will install a replacement battery at no additional cost to you.

Battery Backup Plan

CC Communications Battery Backup Plan is an optional program that covers the replacement of CC Communications installed backup batteries for a small monthly fee.

What’s covered:

Replacement of backup batteries used with Fiber fed locations, battery and labor.

Why should I sign-up for Battery Backup?

A typical service call without Battery Backup is chargeable unless it is determined the issue was caused by CC Communications equipment (a trip for a bad battery is chargeable). This Plan will cover the cost of the service to replace a bad battery, as well as the cost of the battery. The backup batteries for fiber fed telephone service are $50.00.

For only $6.99 per month, the Battery Backup Plan provides relief from service call charges and ensures that you will have backup power for your telephone service in the event of a power outage.

Plan Terms

The Plan takes effect immediately upon enrollment. The Plan has a minimum commitment of 12 months. A $50.00 early cancellation charge will apply if the plan is terminated within the 12-month period. After the initial 12 months, the plan renews on a month-to-month basis and may be cancelled at any time.

Special Circumstances

Customers in apartments, condos and other multi-unit housing must consult with their residential management or landlord prior to ordering the Plan to determine if CC Communications’ technicians are permitted to install and/or replace battery back-up.

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