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Password Genie

We all have ‘em. Little bits of personal info we need easy access to, but that have to be kept secure.

Passwords, logins, credit card numbers, insurance info, pin numbers, garage codes, Rx numbers, hotel points and frequent flyer numbers… the list goes on and on.

Password Genie is your electronic wallet. Safely take your online identity and personal information with you wherever you go.

Simple. Convenient. Secure.

Password Genie is a secure password manager that saves your website usernames and passwords, eliminating the need to write them down, remember them manually or store them in an unsecured document.

Password Genie makes it hassle free to visit your favorite websites. No more “Forgot Your Password” errors or risk of stolen passwords from prying eyes.

Only $2.00 a month for up to five (5) PCs. Add it to your mobile device for $2.00; 3 mobile devices $5.00; or 6 mobile devices $9.00.

Smart Logins

No complex learning required. Password Genie saves your usernames and passwords and provides auto-fill, auto-submit, and keystroke options.

Advanced Custom Options

Password Genie comes with multiple preference options that will make your experience unique and browsing hassle-free.

Safe and Secure

All your personal data and preferences are stored with 256-bit AES encryption and transferred with 128-bit SSL, the same technology used by secure sites and banks today. In addition, your data is further protected by requiring access to your computer with a password only you know.

Multiple Users / Multiple PCs

Password Genie can be installed on up to five (5) computers with unlimited users. Best of all, your saved logins, usernames, passwords, and preferences are synchronized across all your installations so they are available wherever you are.

Automatic Backups

Password Genie ensures that all your saved website usernames and password are securely backed up and available in case you need to do a reinstall or transfer to a new computer at any time.

24/7 Support

Phone, Chat, and Email support is included 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no extra cost.

For more information or to order service, please call us at 775-423-7171.