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CC Communications PC Repair & Support

 Five Levels of Technical Support for all Your Home Electronics

Don’t spend hours on the phone with someone who lives on the other side of the globe when you can get your home electronics serviced right here in Churchill County.

  1. Computer Services
    • Diagnostics
    • Setup, Upgrades and Repairs
    • Hard Drive/DVD Drive Installation
    • Memory (RAM) Evaluation/Installation
  2. Hardware Installation, Setup and Training
    • External Computer Hardware
    • Digital Camera
    • MP3 Player
    • Universal Remote
  3. Software and Data
    • Malicious Software Removal
    • Computer to Computer Data Transfer
    • Internet Setup
  4. Security
    • Network Security Configuration
  5. Wireless Networking
    • Wireless Network Setup

Help is a Phone Call Away!

For additional information and pricing, call us at 775-423-7171 or make an appointment to bring your equipment to AJ at 899 S. Maine Street – Fallon, NV.