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Protect your family and your property from theft, vandalism and fire

CC Communications sells and installs home security equipment that monitors for:

Home is where the heart is

With the hectic pace that life brings you, now more than ever your home is your haven, your refuge. And at the heart of a home is family. You want to do everything you can to protect what you value most.

With alarm monitoring service and equipment from CC Communications, a licensed, bonded security professional is always available to notify you and authorities when an alarm is activated.

Gain peace of mind with a Basic System for as little as $400 and $29.95 per month. A no-interest easy payment option is available.
The ultimate feeling of security is knowing your loved ones, your home and your business are all safe from fire and intrusion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Security Systems From CC Communications

A security system helps you avoid confrontation with burglars if you’re at home and protects your valuables while you’re away. Studies show that burglars and vandals prefer to attack vulnerable homes and are more likely to move on when they encounter a home with a security system. With a security system from CC Communications, you dramatically reduce safety and security risks in your home as well as save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance.

CC Communications offers market-tested equipment from leading manufacturers and professional installation by local technicians, along with an affordable, reliable 24-hour monitoring service.

Further, CC Communications includes an uninterruptible power supply with each installation to ensure your family and property are protected even in the case of a power failure. The UPS is rated to provide battery backup for up to four (4) hours.
Unlike many of the national security monitoring companies that rent the equipment to the customer, CC Comm sells its monitoring equipment. The equipment is owned by you and is a home improvement you may sell with the home – raising the resale value – or take with you to your new home.

24-hour Monitoring By Trained Professionals

If thieves enter your home, they trigger a loud siren that can both warn you and send them running — before they have time to grab anything. Almost instantly, local police are notified and dispatched to your address.

In the event of fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide (an upgrade is required for fire, smoke, and CO protection), your 24-hour security system’s sensors detect the problem and notify firefighter and emergency personnel to assist you. Minutes count when there’s a fire, and a monitored security system from CC Comm can save you thousands of dollars in damages and prevent loss of irreplaceable treasures.

CC Communications is the only security monitoring service provider based in Churchill County

Other providers are based in the Reno area or are national companies. With Security Monitoring Services from CC Communications, you receive one bill for telephone, Internet, and security, with all services and installations handled by the same CC Communications employees you’ve trusted since 1889.

Also, enjoy the convenience of calling one telephone number staffed right here in Fallon when you experience service-related issues.
CC Communications offers market-tested equipment from leading manufacturers and professional installation by local technicians, along with affordable, reliable 24-hour monitoring service from trained, dedicated professionals.