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Long Distance Plans

CC Communications offers convenient Long Distance plans to fit everyone’s long distance calling needs.

We’ve eliminated time of day, day of week and in-state vs. out-of-state calling restrictions to give you simple, straightforward Long Distance plans. We offer “per-minute” Long Distance Plans; we’ve combined Residential Telephone Service with Long Distance Service in three affordable packages; and we even offer packages that include Telephone, Long Distance, High-Speed Internet, and Cellular Services!

So, whether you choose one of the per minute plans listed below or one of the Packaged Services listed below, we’ve got a plan for you! We also offer inbound Toll Free Numbers, Calling Cards and Pre-paid Cards, everything to fit your particular long distance calling needs.

Per Minute Long Distance Plans

PlanMonthly FeeMinutes IncludedPer Minute Charge
Simple Plus$1.950$0.09
Simple Select$3.9545$0.07
Simple Preferred$5.9590$0.05

Block/Unlimited Minutes Long Distance Plans

Call Northern Nevada
Unlimited within the 775 area code
Complete Calling 250
250 prepaid minutes within the continental United States
Anytime Anywhere Calling
Unlimited within the continental United States

Additional Services

  • Toll Free Numbers Not just for businesses, toll-free numbers are a low-cost way for out-of-town loved ones to call you. A family toll free number is ideal for college kids. When people call your toll-free number, there is no charge to them. Toll-free numbers work for calls from anywhere in the continental U.S. They’re billed at the same rate as your outbound long distance plan. A toll free number can be added to any long distance calling plan with no additional fees.

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