How do I use my Voicemail?

The following directions apply to landline Voice Mail ONLY

Main Mailbox Set Up

REMINDER: You must complete the entire recorded tutorial for your Voice Mail to work properly. When entering your Voice Mail for the first time:

  1. Dial 426-0001
  2. When the recording prompts you to enter a passcode, enter the temporary passcode 1234. Follow the recorded instructions.
  3. When finished you will have: Set your Passcode, Recorded your Name, Recorded your Greeting.

Basic Voice Mail Procedures:
Press #1 to access your Voice Mail
Press #3 to record your Name
Press #8 to change your Passcode
Press #9 to exit the Voice Portal
Press # to repeat the Menu

Voice Mail Greeting Procedures:
Press #3 to create a ‘No Answer’ Greeting.
– Press #1 to record your Greeting
– Press #2 to listen to your Greeting
– Press #3 to go back to Default System Greeting
– Press * to return to previous Menu
– Press #5 to compose and send Message.
– Press * to repeat the Menu.

Checking Main Mailbox Messages
To check for messages from your home or business telephone line (equipped with Voice Mail):

  1. Dial 426-0001
  2. Enter your passcode, followed by # sign.
  3. Follow recorded instructions.

To check for messages from a different location:

  1. Dial 426-0001
  2. Enter your mailbox number at the prompt. Voice Mail Box ID requires all ten digits including area code followed by the # sign.
  3. Enter your passcode, followed by the # sign.
  4. Follow prompts.

Voice Mail Benefits:
Some of the benefits of Voice Mail are listed below:
– Receive messages when you are on the phone or using your line for the Internet
– Receive messages when the power is out
– Passcode security
– Messages are date and time stamped
– Works 24 hours a day without an on or off switch
– Check your messages remotely from any phone.