AVG Antivirus Preventing Email from Sending

  1. Close the email program.
  2. Open AVG, on the far-right side there is a menu with 3 lines under it or next to it.
  3. In the dropdown menu that appears, left click on Settings. A window will open split into 2 sides, a left and right side.
  4. Depending on version of AVG, the next steps can be different locations.
    1. (older version of AVG) On the left side choose Components. On the right side of the screen, Secure DNS (older versions) or Fake Website Shield (newer versions) will be about the 5th item down the menu list with a green button next to it.
    2. (New version of AVG) On left side choose Full Protection. On the right side of the screen, Fake Website Shield. Turn off. Check email, it should work.
  5. (older version of AVG)  Left click on the green button, a menu appears allowing you to turn off Secure DNS/Fake Website Shield for 10 mins, 20 mins and other choices. Left click on Permanently Turn Off.
  6. (older version of AVG)  The button should change to red and the Secure DNS/Fake Website Shield is now off.
  7. Open the email program and send a test email to confirm that AVG is not blocking Email sending.