Message from the General Manager Regarding Current Service Issues

June 27, 2023

CC Communications has recently experienced significant network instability resulting in intermittent degraded service that primarily effects VoIP calls, online meeting apps (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet), and online gaming. This is the result of latency outside the required parameters for those services. Troubleshooting strategies have thereafter resulted in temporary outages. CC Communications shares your frustration, and I want to assure you that we are using all available resources to return the network to a stable state where all the applications you use will work as designed. Issues have been resolved for many customers, however, it is taking time to work through each one. We understand the impact that this service interruption may be having upon your life.

CC Communications has worked this issue continuously since we started seeing degraded service due to packet loss and latency. We have engaged all equipment vendors to help in diagnosing the issue, as well as multiple external consultants not affiliated with the hardware and software network elements. We requested plans to fix the issues from two independent network experts. Their recommendations were nearly identical, and we are implementing those recommendations and monitoring the results at this moment.

Rest assured we are working diligently to resolve our network issues and will implement required changes to ensure that this problem cannot reoccur in the future.

At present Internet speeds meet or exceed expectations, while the latency issues continue for some customers. This results in buffered Internet traffic flowing to near expectations, but at times VoIP, POS devices, and live streaming (some gaming and all video calls) can be severely degraded.

We understand and appreciate your frustration, and we are doing all we can to get to the bottom of this. No known changes were made to the network elements prior to the start of these issues, and we, along with vendors and consultants have worked continuously to resolve this matter since it started.  At this time, the issue has been isolated and a resolution plan implemented. We will keep you informed as we continue to work to resolve this matter.

Best Regards,
Mark Feest, GM