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CC Communications has a collapsed Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) ring connecting the county to a carrier hotel in Reno – and directly to the global telecommunications backbone. The fiber ring runs along the railroad right of way and is buried four feet deep to ensure the safety, security and uninterrupted operation of this vital communications link. There is no aerial cable in the route.

“Ring” means the route has connection redundancy. “Collapsed” means the redundancy resides in the same fiber bundle.

 CC Communications offers:

  1. services throughout Churchill County, not just to residents in its most densely populated neighborhoods.
  2. Free, local telephone technical support.
  3. Up to 10 free email addresses.
  4. Free email spam filtering and virus quarantine.
  5. A broad selection of bandwidth packages to meet your needs and budget.
  6. Up to 1 Gigabit per second download speed on our fiber-rich network!
  7. Unlimited Internet access with no data caps.
  8. No sharing of your Internet bandwidth with your neighborhood. Cable Internet slows down as more people in an area use it.

Email us or call (775) 423-7171 today to get started!