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Products & Service Rates

ServiceIn-store ServiceIn-home Service
 Price*Add’l ChgsPrice*Add’l Chgs
Computer Check-Up$59.99YesNANA
Computer Diagnostics (Computer not working)$59.99NoNANA
NEW Computer Setup$99.99YesNANA
Computer Upgrade (Customer defined)min. $59.99Yesmin. $159.99Yes
External Computer Hardware Installation & Setup$59.99YesNANA
Computer Memory (RAM) Evaluation/Installation$59.99YesNANA
Computer Hard Drive or DVD Drive Installation (Software not included)$59.99Yes$159.99Yes
Malicious Software Removal$99.99YesNANA
Computer to Computer Data Transfer$99.99NoNANA
Internet SetupNANA$159.99Yes
Wireless Network Setup – Up to 2 computersNANA$129.99Yes
Wireless Network Setup – Each add’l computerNANA$29.99Yes