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NOTICE: Upcoming changes to your CC Communications Email Account

The Upcoming Email Maintenance has been Temporarily Postponed

Postponed: Notice: Upcoming changes to your CC Communications email account banner.

Valued Customer,

The CC Communications Email platform will undergo maintenance to update the platform and deploy an integrated SPAM solution on Tuesday, April 26th. The maintenance will require some backend work that will begin at 7:00 pm PST. You will continue to have access to webmail and email throughout the maintenance, but there may be some delivery delays for messages that arrived during the maintenance. You will be able to continue to send and receive emails as always throughout the entire maintenance. On the morning of Wednesday, April 27th you can look forward to the convenience of managing your spam directly in your email’s Junk folder. For webmail users, you may need to log back in to see the change. Note that, as your SPAM will now be managed from the Junk mail folder, you will no longer receive a daily digest.

For more information on the integrated SPAM solution, please visit:

The current friends and enemies list setup in Greymail will not carry over to the new Spam solution. If you wish to add them, you will need to copy and paste each list from your Greymail and into the block and allow list in Webmail under the preference tab. You can select the Mail option on the left and scroll down to find the block and allow lists. You may still continue to receive the Daily Digest from Greymail for a few days after the maintenance. This is to allow you to retrieve any messages that may be in quarantine that you would like to move to your inbox. After several days, you will stop receiving the Daily Digest.

If you currently use an older, unsupported email client such as Windows Live Mail, it’s possible your client will not work with the newly upgraded email platform. In these situations, you may either use the webmail client (accessed through web browsers such as Chrome or Edge) or call our team for help. 

If you encounter any issues while logging into your email, please call our 24/7 support team for assistance at 1-888-676-7655.

CC Communications Support Team