Personal Emergency Reporting Systems

Types of units we offer:

The current unit is called a Caretaker Sentry (white).

The previous unit is called a Life Sentry (gray). 

There are three things that can go wrong with your Personal Emergency Reporting System:

  1. No power
  2. No dial tone
  3. Battery trouble (most common)

If you experience trouble with your unit, here are a few things to check:

  1. See if the unit has power – If it does, proceed to step 2
  2. On the back of the pendant is a gray button. Press and hold for 4 seconds, the unit will do a diagnostic of all systems and report the problem. Most of the time the trouble is the two-way pendant battery, there is a spare battery in the base unit in the recharging cradle on the bottom of the unit. Swapping the pendant battery and the battery in the charger usually fixes the trouble.

    Here is a 9-minute video on the PERS unit that may be helpful:

If you are unable to resolve your issue by following the steps above, please call the help desk at 775-423-7171 for assistance.