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  • Email Setup for Domain Specific
    CCCOMM.NET and Domain Specific Email Setup
  • How do I use the Knowledge Base?
    The knowledge base can be browsed by topic or searched using full-text searching.
  • Not Getting Email When using Google Router?
    When using Google Router with CC Communications email, you may need to update the Google Router DNS settings from DNS to ISP DNS.


Personal Emergency Reporting Systems Types of units we offer: The current unit is called a Caretaker Sentry (white). The previous unit is called a Life Sentry (gray).  There are …
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How do I Order New Telephone Service?

Contact one of our customer service representatives to order new service. Please have the following information available when you order new phone service from CC Communications: Complete street …
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How do I use my Voicemail?

The following directions apply to landline Voice Mail ONLY Main Mailbox Set UpREMINDER: You must complete the entire recorded tutorial for your Voice Mail to work …
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